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Saturday April 29, 10-11:30 $25

This is a meditative drawing style that asks you to follow the edges, folds, and wrinkles, of the subject whether is a person or an object. The trick is, you do not look at the paper or lift you drawing tools! It is a great device as a warm-up exercise which will actually log information in your brain for when you are ready to do a more finished drawing. No drawing experience necessary! 


Saturday May 20, 10-11:30 $25

“… neurographic art is a technique, which comprises drawing freeform lines or ‘neuro lines.’ These are meant to enable the connection between the conscious and unconscious, gaining access to the inner self by using a specific algorithm or method. It’s an art form that also engages both our aesthetic and emotional intelligence…” Vancouver Visual Art Foundation 

Neurographic drawing has become a popular way of settling ourselves by creating and coloring designs that look like neural pathways. It’s simple, relaxing and satisfying. I will facilitate a workshop, teaching you how it is often done, and supplying colored pencils, pens and watercolors.

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