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November 5 10am-12pm Stamp Making - Using Speedy-Cut, transfer an image onto the “block,” cut it out, ink it and print! The stamp you create can be reused many times on different surfaces.

We provide an assortment of papers and some resources from which to work.The cost of $60 includes all tools (to take home!) and supplies.


November 19 10am-12pm Holiday Card Block Printing Workshop Get your holiday cards with this class that will help you create a fully realized image to transfer, cut and print for cards.This cost of $60 includes all tools (to take home!) and supplies.


December 3 10am-12:30pm Coptic Bookbinding. Coptic stitch bookbinding (also called Coptic binding) is a way of binding pages of a book together without glue or staples. Like other types of hand binding, it’s an ancient art form. And even though it’s not the most common way of binding books these days, it’s a beautiful craft that adds style to handmade notebooks and sketchbooks. Coptic stitching is an intricate technique, and it takes a while to stitch a book together, but the results are well worth the effort. It’s similar to a chain stitch used in embroidery in that a chain of knots is formed. Books and notebooks held together by Coptic stitches don’t have, or need, a spine, as the stitches keep the pages together.The cost of $60 includes all materials and use of tools during the workshop.


Register for classes/workshops by contacting Suzanne@drawingboardvt.com or calling The Drawing Board at 802 223-2902